Hi — I’m Noor!

Noor Shams

I’m an international development professional, supper club host, food blogger and a perpetual daydreamer. Cooking, styling and photographing food are some of my biggest passions, what fills much of my free time, and what this blog is primarily dedicated to.

I grew up globally living across half a dozen cities (including Dhaka, Moscow, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Los Angeles) before settling in New York, so I (naturally!) love exploring food from all over the world. There’s nothing I enjoy more than connecting with others through food — whether it be at the table over a communal meal or through recipes and stories shared.

I tend to cook hearty, home-style dishes that are often vegetarian, seasonal and influenced by my nomadic global upbringing. I especially love creating new recipes that reflect my Bangladeshi and my husband’s Sri Lankan roots, and also host a supper club in New York that are focused on these two cuisines in particular.

I’m currently developing this site to function as an index of recipes that I have crafted and curated, along with food, culture and travel related stories, which I look forward to sharing soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me with questions and collaboration ideas, follow my work on Instagram (@noorieboorie) & Facebook and keep an eye out for my upcoming social dining events.